If you’ve been boating on the Upper or Middle Potomac River, you know that one of the biggest downers is having to continuously clean out your generator’s strainer. One of the biggest perpetrators of a clogged strainer is the dreaded hydrilla. This stuff rises up out of the deeps aroundContinue Reading

Here’s a fact for you: Eventually everyone gets towed. Everything on a boat is either broken or in the process of being broken, and the same is true for your engine(s). This is why we have BoatUS memberships! For as little as $99 a year, you can join BoatUS andContinue Reading

There’s definitely a lot of new boaters out there, so we want to share as much knowledge as possible. With that in mind, let’s talk about the Occoquan Channel. Boaters who visit The Harbour Grille or The Electric Palm will be pretty familiar with this channel, but last weekend weContinue Reading

Over the weekend, someone posted on the DMV Boat Owners Group on Facebook, looking to purchase their first boat and they asked, “What are the pitfalls of owning a boat?” Now, we’ve seen a lot of answers to this question, but Richie Fekecs summed it up perfectly, and we thoughtContinue Reading

March is here and the boating season is beginning soon. Even now, folks are gathering up their boat stuff from the garage and bringing it back down to their long lost water-hoopties. This is a time of year that is marked by marinas shifting into high gear as customers getContinue Reading

Well it took it’s time getting here, but winter is most definitely upon us now. If you aren’t yet winterized, you may want to start thinking about that! It’s the end of December and the boating season doesn’t really start here again until March, leaving a good 2-3 months ofContinue Reading

In this world, there is certainly no shortage of superstitions. Some folks throw salt over their shoulders to ward off the evil spirits, others knock on wood. To my knowledge, fishermen are probably the most superstitious folks, but thats closely followed by boaters. Be it sail or power, boaters canContinue Reading

For those new to the area, one of the big draws to the river at this time of year is the blooming of the cherry blossoms – it’s quite a thing to see.. These cherry trees were a gift from Japan back in 1912 and have been a tourist drawContinue Reading