Cherry Blossom Time Again!

For those new to the area, one of the big draws to the river at this time of year is the blooming of the cherry blossoms – it’s quite a thing to see.. These cherry trees were a gift from Japan back in 1912 and have been a tourist draw ever since. The trees are expected to begin blossoming in late March and early April, with an expected peak bloom around April 2-5.

How to view this event

If you are a land-lubber, prepare yourself for another dose of masks and enforced social distancing at the National Mall. According to AFAR magazine:

The National Cherry Blossom Festival will feature a mix of virtual and socially distanced, in-person events. Travel restrictions are in place for out-of-town visitors. And avoiding crowds will be extra important for those who see the trees in person.

AFAR Magazine

As exciting as that sounds, we can think of much better ways to view this event – like from the water! Just motor on up the Potomac and get a good look around Haines Point and the Tidal Basin. Cruise up from there to the Lincoln Memorial, and you should be treated to quite a sight.

Of course if your boat isn’t de-winterized yet (sissy!), you can also charter a Cherry Blossom Cruise. Almost any charter service will have one of these available, and it’s a great way to sit back with a small group, swig booze and enjoy the sights. You can find a charter service here in our business directory.

Finally there’s always the Alexandria Water Taxi, or even a lunch or dinner cruise from Hornblower Cruises. Whichever way you choose, don’t be late because this event only happens once a year, and peak-bloom doesn’t last long.