Exploring Boating Traditions

In this world, there is certainly no shortage of superstitions. Some folks throw salt over their shoulders to ward off the evil spirits, others knock on wood. To my knowledge, fishermen are probably the most superstitious folks, but thats closely followed by boaters.

Be it sail or power, boaters can be a very superstitious lot. For example, are you thinking of renaming that boat? You better be careful and follow the Renaming Ceremony closely! Ask Dan Clairmonte of Level Up about what happens if you don’t!

Most boat superstitions and traditions exist to bring about “good luck” on the cruise. We decided to interview some long-time boaters and ask them about the traditions they enforce on their vessels.

We asked Captain Spike of Pirati Yacht Tours:

First-timers aboard Siamo Pirati must put on the pirate hat, and do a shot of rum. Of course, this doesn’t apply to our charter guests – only private pleasure boating. Oh! And red wine, cake, or bananas are definitely not allowed aboard!

Capt Spike – Siamo Pirati

John C. has been a sail and power boater in numerous places, currently on the Middle Potomac. He says:

We always blast “Copperhead Road” by Steve Earle as we are leaving the docks. And when we are at anchor, Jefferson’s Ocean must be had! And, we always fly the Revolutionary War flag!

Capt. John C. – M/V Lyra

George P. is your typical river rat. His traditions are:

So many traditions, but I can only tell about the Rated PG ones. When you come aboard for a cruise, we all do a departure shot, which is usually either tequila or rum. When we get to our destination (anchorage or marina), we all have an arrival shot. Finally, when we get back home, all aboard must have a “coming home” shot. Also, nobody is allowed to touch Admiral Juju, because he’s busy keeping the evil spirits away.

George P. – Therapy

It turns out, Admiral Juju is a Hawaiian Warrior mask that’s been on every one of his boats since he started boating. Weird, but no judgement, right?

Amanda C.’s traditions seems to make a lot of sense:

The most important thing is that there must be music playing the whole time. It doesn’t matter if it’s reggae, or dance music, the music has to be there. Always!

Amanda C. – Stardust

Now that the boating season has begun, we’d love to hear about your boating traditions and rituals! Leave us a comment on our facebook page!