Booze of the Month: Crown Royal Peach

With summer just around the corner (never mind the 50 degree temps recently), you are going to want something refreshing to serve on your booze-cruises. Look no further than Crown Royal Peach!

A seasonal offering, this stuff was originally introduced in 2019 and immediately flew off the shelves. People just couldn’t get enough of it. No really, it was hard to find! When you did find it, you had to stockpile it because you never knew when you’d be able to find it again.

It’s not bad as a shot or for sipping, but it’s real value is in mixing it with unsweetened iced tea. The Crown will sweeten that tea up for you and keep you well refreshed all day – or as long as you can go! For best results, mix these into your favorite gallon jug:

  • 32 oz Crown Royal Peach
  • 96 oz Unsweetened Iced Tea

That’s it! Haul that jug aboard your boat and serve on those hot days. If you want to get fancy, garnish it with a lemon wedge!