The Pitfalls of Owning a Boat?

Over the weekend, someone posted on the DMV Boat Owners Group on Facebook, looking to purchase their first boat and they asked, “What are the pitfalls of owning a boat?” Now, we’ve seen a lot of answers to this question, but Richie Fekecs summed it up perfectly, and we thought his summary should be shared far and wide:

  • Fuel prices!
  • If something breaks, good luck finding someone to fix it within the same season. Oh yeah, and everything breaks.
  • It doesn’t matter how small of a job, it’ll cost $1k (B.O.A.T. = break out another thousand)
  • The boat is always dirty no mater how much you clean it.
  • Canvas will rip, zippers will break.
  • You might loose an anchor or two.
  • Some amateur at the Georgetown wall might scratch your boat while learning to dock.
  • Randoms will come on your boat and act like its their boat and trash it, drink your drinks, and eat your food at raft-ups.
  • Duckbill valves in the toilet system will need to be replaced after someone throws a tampon or wet-wipe into the toilet after puking or otherwise (aka toilet wont flush!).
  • Bathroom and bedroom door handles will fall off.
  • It’s hard to find a slip – not enough marinas.
  • The easiest part about owning a boat is buying it. Maintaining it is the expensive and hard part!
  • In the Potomac you’ll end up hitting a few logs, damaging the running gear.
  • If its a gas generator, then expect it to work only 60% of the time, and your CO alarms will be going off.
  • Friends you haven’t talked to in 20 years will hit you up to “see what you’re doing this weekend.”

“If you’re okay with setting a stack of hundred dollar bills on fire and watching it burn, you’ve passed the test and should buy a boat. Aside from all that, boating is fun!” We couldn’t have said it better – hilarious but true! Thanks Richie! 🙂