Get to Know Your Tow Boat Captains!

Here’s a fact for you: Eventually everyone gets towed.

Everything on a boat is either broken or in the process of being broken, and the same is true for your engine(s). This is why we have BoatUS memberships! For as little as $99 a year, you can join BoatUS and get unlimited tows – which is probably the cheapest thing you’ll spend on your boat all year! We suggest you don’t leave the docks without it.

When you need a tow (rescue), that tow boat is the prettiest sight you’ll have seen all day. On the Potomac River, you can count on the captains of these tow boats to get you safely to where you are going, because these folks have been around a long time. Recently, the Culpeper Star-Exponent wrote an article about Terry and Josh Hill, the folks who run TowBoatUS. It’s a great read, and gives you some background on these folks who have worked this river all their lives.

Click on over HERE and give it a read!