Tim’s Rivershore Fireworks Finale This Weekend!

For almost 30 years, Tim’s Rivershore has been a favorite on the Potomac River. Serving up crabs, river fare, and a ton of specialty drinks, nearly every boater on the Potomac has visited this legendary location at least once. But as with all things, nothing lasts forever.

Most people are aware that this will be the last season for the original Tim’s Rivershore in Dumfries, as they will be closing their doors after September 26, 2021. Of course Tim’s other locations will still be open, including Coles Point, Lake Anna, Tim’s 2 at Fairview. In order to give the Dumfries location a proper send-off, there will be a massive fireworks show on September 18, after sundown. Nobody will want to miss this event.

If this is your first fireworks show at this location, most people will just anchor out in the water in front of the restaurant, and the fireworks are typically launched from a giant barge. As long as you stay out of the safety area around the barge, you should be cool to just find a nice spot and drop that anchor. If you get there early enough, you might even be able to find space at Tim’s docks!

Don’t forget to stop into the restaurant for a final meal and some drinks, before the end of this amazing era!