Sea-Doo Enters the Pontoon Market!

In case you missed it, on August 11 BRP/Sea-Doo went live on Facebook to announce their new product line. One of the more eye-opening products they introduced was the Sea-Doo Switch – a highly reconfigurable tri-hull jet powered pontoon boat in the 13-21 foot class.

The interior seating layout is fully modular, allowing you to have an open layout for fishing in the morning, and with a bit of reconfiguration of their quick-attach system, seating for the whole family in the afternoon. Docking is made easier because just like it’s jet ski cousins, the Sea-Doo Switch comes with IBR (Intelligent brake and reverse). So basically, it controls just like the jet ski you are already used to, but it’s a full size pontoon!

The Sea-Doo Switch sells in two base configurations. The Cruise edition is geared towards leisure activities, and the Sport edition is designed for water sports and performance. Both models are powered by the proven Rotax 1630 Ace engine, ranging from 100 – 230 HP, so speed won’t be an issue. The boats are also priced very similar to the jet ski’s, so you won’t have to rob a liquor store to afford one!

You can check out the product walk-around video here, or directly on the Sea-Doo website!