Blessing of the Fleet is an ancient maritime tradition, dating back to the mediterranean fishing fleets. The thought is that if your vessel received a blessing, your season would be bountiful and you stood a better than average chance of not drowning at sea! Sounds like a win to us.Continue Reading

It’s been a nasty cold winter, but after a few false starts, it looks like spring is finally upon us. Engines are starting up, marinas are starting to get busy, and we are starting to see more boat traffic on the river. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock forContinue Reading

March is here and the boating season is beginning soon. Even now, folks are gathering up their boat stuff from the garage and bringing it back down to their long lost water-hoopties. This is a time of year that is marked by marinas shifting into high gear as customers getContinue Reading

Well it took it’s time getting here, but winter is most definitely upon us now. If you aren’t yet winterized, you may want to start thinking about that! It’s the end of December and the boating season doesn’t really start here again until March, leaving a good 2-3 months ofContinue Reading

Not ready to call the season over yet? Looking for something to do next weekend? We’ve got just the thing for you! The Boater’s Olympics is an annual event held at The Harbour Grille. Each year teams of boaters compete in this massive multi-game olympiad, for prizes and just toContinue Reading

It was June of 1944 when the U-1105 was finally commissioned and began her short career in the service of the Kriegsmarine. At 220 ft long, with a 20ft beam, she displaced 850 tonnes when submerged. She was a pretty big boat! Her cruising speed was about 17 kts onContinue Reading

This year the Annapolis Powerboat Show is definitely happening. You’ll recall that the Annapolis City Council decided to close the show last year amid COVID-19 concerns, but what a difference a year makes! This is usually a pretty big show, where you can see boats of all sizes, from 10-footersContinue Reading