Life-long Boater Runs for Office in Prince William

Living in the DC area, whether we realize it or not, our lives are saturated in news and politics. The good news is that as boaters, we enjoy the ability to unplug from the “real world” each weekend we are out on the water – it probably keeps us sane! While we usually like to keep things light here, it’s always nice to recognize fellow boaters who are trying to make our world a little better.

To that end, we are interviewing Karla Justice, who is running for Occoquan District Supervisor in Prince William County, VA this year. Let’s see what she has to say!

PG: Hello Karla! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Karla: Sure! I grew up boating on the Occoquan and Potomac Rivers, I am a 100-ton master captain’s license holder. When I was young, I started out washing boats, and now I run a small business on the Occoquan River.

PG: How long have you been a boater?

Karla: Pretty much all my life. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t on or around the river.

PG: Do you have a favorite boat, either one that you’ve owned before or one you plan to own?

Karla: Oh! I’ve recently tried something called “foiling!” I think my next watercraft will be an eFoil!

PG: What is “foiling” exactly?

Karla: It’s this motorized fiberglass board that you stand on, and there’s a hydrofoil attached to a pole on the bottom. As you gain speed, it lifts up out of the water. You can ride three or four feet above the water! I really need one of those!

PG: What are or were your favorite spots to visit on the river?

Karla: I actually enjoy all parts of the river, and the beauty of the environment along the river. But I especially like going to Mattawoman Creek and the City Docks in Occoquan Town.

PG: Tell is why you decided to run for county supervisor? What are the issues that are most important to you?

Karla: There’s a clear contrast between the positions of the current supervisor I’m running against, and my own when it comes to protecting our environment and our drinking water and all the water resources that we have in this area. I also want to ensure smart growth in the county. I believe we can develop our infrastructure while still protecting our environment and source of drinking water in the environment that we choose to work and play in.

PG: Given that the Occoquan River feeds into the Potomac River, do you see any problems on the Occoquan River that could have an affect on Potomac boaters?

Karla: Definitely! The continued silting in of our waterways is going to continue to impact boaters and really anyone who enjoys using personal watercraft on the river. In addition to that, the drinking water could become more and more unsafe to drink, play and boat in. The fear is that more and more harmful chemicals and runoff will increase the pollutants in our river. Look no further than DC and Neabsco Creek for examples of the impacts of unchecked growth.

PG: What do you think would be your highest priority to fix in the Occoquan District, or in Prince William County as a whole?

Karla: I think one of my priorities is to make sure that our waterways remain clean and clear of silting. We also need to start working on rebuilding our wetlands. Due to erosion, much of our wetlands has disappeared, and we really need to put forth a big effort to rebuild that. But to be fair, it’s about more than just the river – we have problems with our roads that need to be tackled, as well as the taxes that have stifled businesses and make our cost of living increase beyond acceptable limits.

PG: Awesome! Any parting words for our readers?

Karla: I’m looking forward to going to work to be a voice you can count on in the occoquan district and across the county as we work to protect our environment, drive down the cost of living, address the crime wave we are facing, and fix our roads. Together we can bring Justice to Occoquan!

PG: Do you have any events scheduled that you’d like us to know about?

Karla: There is! This Sunday May 7, I’ll be at the Harbour Grille for a Sunday Funday Meet-and-Greet event. All are welcome to attend, and the amazingly talented Stormin’ Norman Band will be there! Come on out! And please learn more about my campaign at

Karla is actually pretty cool, so if you live in Prince William County, you might consider supporting her in the next election!