Island Party 2021 w/ SNB & Roadducks!

UPDATE: This event has been moved to Sunday, August 8 due to rain.

On the middle Potomac, near the entrance to Occoquan Bay, there’s a tiny little island that barely shows up on your GPS charts. That will be Holiday Island (AKA Rock Island), which will be the scene of the second Island Party raft-up on August 7, 2021.

The last time this happened was in July of 2019, and it was a huge hit. Back then, the event was hosted by the Stormin’ Norman Band – a popular high-energy party band. They had a giant PA system on the island and the music could be heard for miles around. Around 300 boats showed up for the massive party and the stories were told about the event for years.

This year is expected to be even bigger. Like the time before, The Stormin’ Norman Band is playing again, but this year they will be joined by The Roadducks. If you aren’t familiar with The Roadducks, you’ve been hiding under that rock for way too long. The Roadducks have been around a long time, and are a hugely popular band on the East Coast. They’ve played 5,600 shows in 30 different States. This is one event you do NOT want to miss!

For those not familiar with the area, Holiday Island is located in Occoquan Bay, between Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge and Mason Neck State Park (Google Maps coordinates:38.62081291284287,-77.22643747130951). For more info, just use this handy map:

Be prepared to hang out with many cool people, and listen to a day of great music and entertainment!