Fund Raiser for Doug Jackson This Thursday!

Doug Jackson is a well known and loved bartender at the Harbour Grille. He’s a single parent of two great kids, and works all the time. A couple weeks ago he was jumped at the MGM casino by 3 unknown persons and beaten to within an inch of his life. Now, in addition to the time he’s already stayed in the hospital, he needs a LOT more surgery in order to fix his many issues. Being a bartender, he doesn’t exactly have a Cadillac health plan, so The Stormin’ Norman Band has decided to do a fund raiser concert in order to collect money for Doug’s Go Fund Me.

Please come out to the Harbour Grille on Thursday (10/28) at 6PM for fun and games. There will be a 50/50 raffle, auctions for Capitals tickets, and other great prizes! For those less fortunate who can’t make it, we will also be live broadcasting the concert on The Stormin’ Normal Band’s facebook page. The event link is here HERE and the Go Fund Me link is HERE.