Fall Boating is Awesome!

We don’t really understand it, but many folks think that the boating season is between Memorial Day and Labor Day, then it’s time to start winterizing. That’s just crazy talk! Some of the best boating is in the fall. Think about it:

  1. Fewer boats on the river – fewer donkeys
  2. Less heat means you aren’t melting all day long
  3. Fewer bugs and biting flies
  4. Coffee always tastes better in the morning while on the hook
  5. Bourbon always tastes better in the evening while on the hook (see a pattern here?)
  6. The multi-color leaves provide a fantastic view

The fall season around here tends to be pretty long, and there’s also a ton of things to do on the river in this season. Each weekend in the fall it seems there’s a different event, like Oktoberfests, Boat Parades, and others! So don’t be in such a hurry to put away your water hoopty!