Exotic Jet Cars Comes to the Potomac!

Ever wanted to drive the hell out of a sick Ferrari, but the traffic on the freeway is always getting in your way? Well now you can get that same experience on the river (which arguably makes it so much cooler)! District Exotic Jet Cars is now open for business at Hampton’s Landing Marina, renting a nice selection of exotic jet cars, in the style of Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin, and more! They even have a pink one, for her pleasure!

The cars rent for a paltry sum of around $350/hour. That may seem like a buck or two, but it’s nothing compared to the coolness factor of pulling up to a raft-up in one of these babies! We are told they even handle like a car, featuring a real steering wheel, gas pedal, but of course no brakes. Head on over to Hampton’s Landing Marina, or call District Exotic Jet Cars at 703-200-8311 to setup your rental. You can also book your car from their website.

We can’t wait to see one of these pull up into Mattawoman Creek this year!