Here’s a fact for you: Eventually everyone gets towed. Everything on a boat is either broken or in the process of being broken, and the same is true for your engine(s). This is why we have BoatUS memberships! For as little as $99 a year, you can join BoatUS andContinue Reading

At the beginning of each season, the Occoquan River Maritime Association (ORMA) hosts the Blessing of the Fleet. The Blessing of the Fleet is a centuries-old tradition where receiving a blessing from the local Clergy was meant to ensure a safe and bountiful season. Hey, maybe your boat won’t sink,Continue Reading

May is usually a pretty busy month, and this season is no exception. There’s a lot happening on the river this weekend, and pretty much every weekend of the month. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you may not be aware that this weekendContinue Reading

March is here and the weather is definitely warming up. We don’t care what some rodent in Pennsylvania says, spring is definitely here! That means it’s time to de-winterize your water-hoopty and get ready for another exciting season on the river. This season may be a bit different than theContinue Reading

There’s definitely a lot of new boaters out there, so we want to share as much knowledge as possible. With that in mind, let’s talk about the Occoquan Channel. Boaters who visit The Harbour Grille or The Electric Palm will be pretty familiar with this channel, but last weekend weContinue Reading

Out in the middle of Occoquan Bay, where the Occoquan River meets the Potomac, there’s a tiny little chunk of land called Holiday Island. This weekend it will host one of the largest raft-up parties on the Potomac river. This event has been going on for the last few yearsContinue Reading

Correction: Due to weather, this event has been pushed to Saturday June 18. Once a year around this time, all the fun crazy people get together for a massive raft-up called Belmont-a-Palooza at Belmont Bay, just off Mason Neck State Park. This is a yearly free-for-all where you can expectContinue Reading